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Tom Barman

Tom Barman has fronted legendary indie rock band dEUS since 1989, selling 1.7 million albums along the way. For the last 6 years he is also singer and mischief-maker for ­TaxiWars, a project that ­indulges his lovefor jazz and has seen the release of 3 albums. In addition to his ­musi­cal background, in 2003 he wrote and directed the film ‘Any Way the Wind Blows’ and is currently ­working on his second feature film. In 2014 he curated an exhibition of 100 years of Belgian Art in ­Amersfoort, The Netherlands. His love of visual arts, inspired by extensive ­travelling and touring, has culminated in his first book of ­photographs and his first solo ­exhibition: Hurry up and wait.

photo Tom Barman Joris Casaer