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An Introduction to Law and Technology

Eva Lievens
Carl Vander Maelen

In today’s society, technology is omnipresent. Education, health, work, interaction with the government, leisure, communication, and research are just some of the contexts in which technology plays an increasingly important role. To understand this better, this book aims to offer insight into and critical reflections on the impact of technology on society, the interaction between technology and law, and the impact of technology on the legal profession.

The book is divided into four thematic parts. Part 1 explains important concepts and terms from other disciplines such as computer sciences, communication sciences, and sociology that are necessary to be able to identify and assess the legal impact of technology. Part 2 reflects critically on the interaction between technology and law, and discusses topics such as data protection, e-commerce, and artificial intelligence. Part 3 discusses legal tech, which facilitates legal processes and is increasingly used by lawyers, judges and other legal professionals. Finally, Part 4 examines the various instruments and strategies that are used to regulate technology.

This handbook offers an accessible introduction to these complex topics for students in law. The compilation of legislation and policy documents found in each chapter also make it a useful reference book for legal practitioners.

With contributions of Yvan Saeys, Ralf De Wolf, Ruben Roex, Tom Evens, Ingrida Milkaite, Liesa Keunen, Yueming Zhang, Pieterjan De Clerck, Lien Stolle, Valerie Verdoodt, Eva Lievens, Simon Verschaeve and Carl Vander Maelen


Owl Press








190 x 240 mm


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de auteur

Eva Lievens

de auteur

Carl Vander Maelen

An Introduction to Law and Technology

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