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Dantesken - exclusive package

Ingrid Godon

Subscribe to this exclusive package by Ingrid Godon before 8 december. It includes the following:

•    A numbered – from 0 to 100 – and signed copy of 'Dantesken' at a list price of €59.99
•    A unique and original framed work by Ingrid Godon (dimensions of the work: 200 x 295 mm and frame: 300 x 400 mm)
•    An invitation to the exhibition opening in d'Oede Schole in Damme in collaboration with Stichting Ijsberg (Jan Moeyaert) on 8 December where you can choose any of the works and take it home with you
•    price: €345








Softcover met flappen


210 x 285 mm


Pre order



Ingrid Godon

Like translators, illustrators are people who live in the shadow, while the authors are in the spotlight. Or in any event this used to be the case. Nowadays the work of illustrators is recognised and acknowledged. Ingrid Godon (b. 1958) is one of these illustrators. The kind of artist who works unassumingly on carving out an international career for herself, without really ‘working’ on it. She draws, and draws, and draws. And when she works with authors, they are always prominent authors. When she works alone, the colour of her work changes. And that is how she gradually moves away from illustrations on commission, entering more interesting waters. It is there that she embraces the freedom to go all out, without restrictions, straight for the target and in your face.

Eddie Guldolf (C-Mine Genk)

de auteur

Ingrid Godon

Dantesken - exclusive package

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