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Third Eye

Luc Dondeyne

Arno Kramer Eric Rinckhout Diana Wind

Studio Luc Derycke 

Through his work, Luc Dondeyne offers us his view of the world. He gives us the opportunity to look together with him by showing us sometimes literally that he looks at the world through a lens. This looking together results in special and unusual compositions, such as portraits without a face or with the face turned away, as well as people who are portrayed from the back. The spectator thus becomes part of the triangular relationship Dondeyne deliberately involves himself and ourselves in: the triangle between the artist as viewer, spectator, and maker. Those looking at the works are in the middle of this triangle, and consequently, they become part of the artist’s gaze and therefore also of the work.

The intuition, imagination, and inner wisdom with which the third eye or the sixth chakra fills us may also open the gate to the collective memory, on which not only Dondeyne relies but also the spectator who looks at the artist’s works. Frequently, Dondeyne refers to the history of art and culture in his titles and images either consciously or subconsciously. He invites us to open our own third eye and to join him to tap into his huge source of knowledge and associations that allow him to connect that which he sees through the third eye with that which he depicts thereof on the canvas or on paper, and with the spectator who contemplates the final result.

—Diana Wind, an excerpt from Third Eye

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de auteur

Luc Dondeyne

Third Eye

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